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Product liability

Wärtsilä strives to develop environmentally sound, reliable and safe products. Wärtsilä supports its customers throughout the entire service lives of Wärtsilä products by developing environmentally sound solutions, and also offering these solutions for use with products that are already in operation. Engine and component reconditioning lengthens the service life of products, while modernising engines can improve the performance of installations to the level where they meet both existing and future requirements.

Wärtsilä's engines are designed to meet the requirements of the European Commission's Machinery Directive, the SOLAS Convention, and other relevant safety directives, while Wärtsilä's propulsion systems are designed to comply with SOLAS and the safety requirements of other relevant classification bodies. New types of engines must also meet international safety requirements. Type approval is acquired from classification societies before new products are launched. Wärtsilä's products are delivered with appropriate user guides that include basic information about the products and full instructions for their use.