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Wärtsilä's management system

Wärtsilä's management system aims to generate added value for Wärtsilä's various stakeholders, achieve the company's strategic objectives, support sustainability performance, manage operating risks and enhance Wärtsilä's performance through the continuous improvement process. The system includes a range of tools, such as systems for managing quality, the company's environmental responsibilities and occupational health and safety. Management reviews are conducted at various levels of the organisation to monitor the effectiveness of the system, the achievement of targets and the development of key performance indicators.

Wärtsilä's Board of Management is responsible for defining the company's main strategies, principles and policies and for the management system itself. The Board of Management regularly monitors the effectiveness and performance of the management system. Responsibilities are distributed to the line organisation at all levels of the company, and the management system defines a specific sphere of responsibility for each Wärtsilä employee. Work groups for developing the management system are appointed at the corporate level and in most Wärtsilä subsidiaries. At the Group level, the following Work Groups coordinate the development of product and operational issues:

Work Group  Focus Main tasks
Wärtsilä Quality and Operational Development Board Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety and Operational Development issues Overall responsibility of Wärtsilä operational development, owner of Wärtsilä processes, governing the work of IM, Process, Quality and Environmental, Health and Safety management and development plans and expenditure of the covered areas.
Wärtsilä Group Quality Team


Quality strategy, targets and guidelines, overall quality process responsibility and cross-divisional quality alignment and harmonisation
Wärtsilä EHS Management Team
Environmental, Occupational health and safety (EHS)
EHS management system development, corporate level measuring and target setting and monitoring of the legislation development
Wärtsilä Environmental Forum Environmental aspects related to Wärtsilä products Create and update Wärtsilä's environmental strategy, coordinate environmental technology development, monitor legislation development and environmental statements

Management systems

Proportion of Wärtsilä companies with certification
ISO 14001 61% 
ISO 9001 71%
OHSAS 18001 44%


Business Process Management

The Process Management Unit has been established in the Group Quality organisation to ensure that the company's operations are developed consistently and in line with its strategic directions. The Unit is responsible for development and harmonisation of corporate business processes, including business information and supporting business applications, which are developed on a continuous basis to improve the quality and effectiveness of customer service. The working processes are developed based on the initiatives of the Businesses, The Division and the Functions. These joint development projects are governed by the Quality and Operational Development Board, the Business Boards and the Functional Management Teams.