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Implementation of social responsibility targets approved by Wärtsilä's Board of Management

Defining a guideline for Corporate Equal Opportunities. A policy on fair employment practices and equal opportunity has been created and communicated to Wärtsilä companies and their employees. The target was reached.
95% of key suppliers covered in the supplier ratings by 2010. All of these suppliers should reach Wärtsilä approval and 50% of those should reach the highest approval level.

December 2010 supplier ratings covered 95% of the key suppliers of which 62% had reached the highest approval status. The target was reached.

EHS management systems implemented in subsidiaries.

Wärtsilä subsidiaries have implemented the EHS management systems according to the plan. At the end of 2010 Wärtsilä had 40 certified ISO 14001 companies (covering 90% of employees) and 29 certified OHSAS 18001 companies (covering 73% of employees).

Long-term goal for zero lost time injuries.

Subsidiaries have implemented their action plans for the target. The positive trend continued, the lost-time injury frequency rate was 7.8 compared to the previous year's 12.9.

Work safety card for all Field Service employees. A corporate safety handbook and an e-learning safety training module are ready and available. Wärtsilä Safety cards are designed and available for each participant, who has successfully completed the training. First pilot E-learning trainings are on-going. The original time-schedule could not be met, but the target remains the same.