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Water solutions

The protection of watercourses is one of the key elements of Wärtsilä's environmental focus. Wärtsilä has developed systems for the treatment of oily water for both land-based and onboard installations. Recent developments include treating oily water in combination with Bio-Sys technology. This reduces the concentration of chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD/BOD) from the outlet water of the plant from 300-400mg/l to less than 15 mg/l, which is below the World Bank standards. Both COD and BOD contribute to the depletion of oxygen in the water course. Wärtsilä's oily water treatment technology enables the oil content of discharge water to be reduced to a level of 5 ppm, which is also type approved by classification societies. In practice these systems typically achieve a level of 1 to 2 ppm, while the IMO regulations allow a discharge level of 15 ppm. In addition, the treatment system reduces heavy metal emissions of discharge water by 90 percent.

Wärtsilä, together with Technology provider Trojan Marinex, has introduced during 2010 an advanced ballast water treatment system that protects local biodiversity from non-indigenous invasive species. These may cause a negative economic impact on society, reduced output from fisheries, and added costs for control and clean up measures. It is estimated that around USD 1.4 trillion per year is spent on clean ups, economic losses, and environmental damage related to ballast water transportation from one ecological zone to another. Our technology is free of any harmful residual products, has high biological efficacy, and is considered safe for personnel, for vessels, and for the environment. The system features a compact design that allows for easy installation onboard, whether it is for a new build or a conversion project, while its low power consumption contributes towards reduced energy costs.