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Wärtsilä's R&D focus

Wärtsilä develops efficient and cost competitive products and solutions based on customer needs by combining innovative technologies. Product and solution development is based on effective work process management to ensure that the set targets are reached. The performance of the products and their features are verified through simulations, functional tests and long-term validation. Wärtsilä actively develops the commonality and modularity of its products, and designs products that are easy to manufacture. A substantial proportion of the company's investments in product development is targeted at reducing environmental impacts.

Wärtsilä's R&D activities focus on products and solutions that are fuel-efficient, reliable and safe, self-diagnostic, cost-efficient to operate, and that produce minimal environmental impacts throughout their lifecycles. The company takes a proactive approach to managing its intellectual and industrial property rights through incentive schemes for its employees that encourage innovation and initiative. A paramount priority in Wärtsilä's R&D activities is to develop and safeguard the company's critical areas of expertise.