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Ensuring reliability and safety

The long operational lifetime and the application of Wärtsilä products highlights the importance of reliability and safety. Wärtsilä‘s development process is geared to ensuring the reliability and safety features of the end product, and extensive validation and testing programmes are undertaken before the product is fully released.

By focusing on the initial stages of the development process the development time for new solutions can be reduced without compromising the emphasis on reliability and safety. Individual components are validated during their design by using advanced calculations and simulation tools. This method enables Wärtsilä to identify areas of improvement at an early stage in the process, thereby reducing the amount of component testing needed. The actual component and technology testing allows a speedy validation of the systems, which results in faster development and market introduction for new products.

In always seeking newer and better solutions, Wärtsilä is able to perform validation testing on existing installations in co-operation with its customers. The customer benefits by getting the first insight into new technologies while Wärtsilä gains long-term experience under controlled conditions. A typical field installation operates for 6,000 hours per year.

When the product has successfully passed all the process steps and the performance meets Wärtsilä's high standards, it can be brought to the market.