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Collaboration with stakeholders

Co-operation throughout the value chain is becoming ever more important. It is necessary for understanding the requirements of the end customer, for understanding and optimising the performance of the value chain, and for safeguarding the expertise needed.

Wärtsilä's research organisation has long-term co-operation agreements with research institutes, engineering consultants, licensees, and other corporate partners in fields that are of crucial importance to the well-being of society and the conservation of the environment. Wärtsilä also co-operates with a number of leading European universities conducting research into engine technologies.

Co-operation with customers and suppliers creates added value for the entire supply chain, as well as for the end customer. Identifying and achieving common goals succeeds best through co-operation with the whole supply chain. Wärtsilä has gained promising results in working closely with various stakeholders towards improving reliability, overall efficiency and the environmental performance of its solutions.

Wärtsilä collaborates with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hyundai Heavy Industries in the fields of product development, manufacturing and distribution. Wärtsilä collaborates with Samsung Heavy Industries in the development of gas-fuelled merchant vessels. Wärtsilä also collaborates with Becker Marine Systems with the aim of furthering the development of marine propeller-rudder systems.

Wärtsilä is involved in an increasing number of customer development cases in which innovative solutions are researched to build the next generation of more efficient ships.