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Environmental costs and liabilities

Concerning Wärtsilä's operations, we have defined expenditures as environmental expenditures if they are related to soil, water and air pollution control, waste management, environmental management or noise control.

Wärtsilä real estate and environmental responsibilities

The real estate that Wärtsilä owns or leases is mainly located in urban areas. The company is not aware of any properties that are situated in areas where biodiversity could be endangered. Environmental risks and liabilities are identified and reviewed as a part of overall risk management. In Wärtsilä's operations, potential liabilities are primarily related to the company's real estate. Environmental liabilities are systematically scrutinised in conjunction with every acquisition or sale of real estate. Wärtsilä has recognised certain cases where potential environmental liabilities may exist, but these are not expected to have a significant financial impact on Wärtsilä.

Environmental capital expenditure and operating expenses  
MEUR 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
Environmental capital expenditures 2.9 1.1 2.6 2.5 1.8
Environmental operating expenditures 5.5 4.2 5.4 4.1 3.5