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Compliance with legislation

Wärtsilä companies comply with the local environmental legislation. The operations of Wärtsilä's manufacturing companies require a valid environmental permit. Wärtsilä companies have the required environmental permits, the terms of which are generally met. Incidents of non-compliance are described in the following chapters.

Environmental disturbances and complaints

The number of disturbances, complaints and incidents of noncompliance are presented in the figure below. Reported disturbances cover incidents in which the Wärtsilä company concerned has usually been obliged to report the disturbance to the authorities. The following main environmental disturbances occurred in Wärtsilä's business locations in 2010:

  • 4 fires
  • 2 fuel oil leakages
  • 1 gas leakage
  • 1 unconventional operating mode

All the above disturbances were investigated and appropriate corrective actions was taken in each case. The complaints made by occupants of neighbouring sites were mainly related to noise and odours. All complaints were investigated and an appropriate corrective action was taken wherever necessary.

Cases of non-compliance

Wärtsilä India Ltd. had 2 non-compliance cases related to height of chimneys and exceeded hazardous waste quantities against permit conditions. Chimneys with the required heights are being installed and the revision of permit conditions are currently being processed with the authorities. Wärtsilä Singapore Pte Ltd. had one non-compliance case related to stagnant water and mosquito breeding found on the area of the real estate. This incident caused a fine of 100 EUR. The corrective actions have been taken.

Non-compliance cases presented in previous reports

The earlier non-compliance case of Wärtsilä France was directed to activity, which is currently being terminated. Therefore, Wärtsilä France SA has agreed with local authorities not to take any further actions concerning the case. Wärtsilä Denmark A/S has found a permanent solution for waste water treatment. This solution will be implemented during 2011.