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Case: Creating value in local communities

Wärtsilä creates value for its various stakeholders, both directly and indirectly, in all local communities where it operates. Wärtsilä has executed sustainability programmes all over the world to the benefit of the local populations.

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Wärtsilä provided free technical assistance, manpower, and spare parts to the local power authority, Electricité de Haiti, to help rebuild the power infrastructure. Wärtsilä sent a team of experts to Port-au-Prince within three weeks of the disaster, which destroyed large parts of the city. The team assessed the damage to the Varreux power plant, and helped local operators to re-start the undamaged engines and to generate electricity to the local community.

Wärtsilä has decided to donate 1.5 million euro to support science, research and teaching in Finnish Universities. Universities are important partners to Wärtsilä in its research and product development. The aim of this donation is to support the continued future success and high quality of Finnish higher education.

Wärtsilä supported a charity project in the village of Guiyan, Guanghan City, China. A primary school for 250 students was built here following the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, which destroyed nearly 7.000 schools. The project was supported by the China Children and Teenagers' Fund, and by the local government. It received donations from close to 30 corporations, as well as from 100 individuals, the Embassy of Finland, and numerous volunteer workers.

Constructing school buildings, developing educational possibilities, and enhancing vocational training are objectives of the humanitarian projects carried out by Finn Church Aid in Southern Sudan, Africa. This work is supported by Wärtsilä within the framework of a multi-year partnership programme. The first school building is ready and the second is being finalised.

In Brazil, Wärtsilä employees have been active in helping to establish a volunteer group, known as Grupo Grãos. The group was formed in 2003, and volunteer work is carried out in all locations where Wärtsilä has offices or long term projects and contracts. In 2010, a special Doers Day was held in ten cities with 496 volunteers, 186 of them Wärtsilä employees. Institutions receiving support included orphanages, daycare centres, and shelters for the mentally and physically challenged. The volunteers entertained children and gave company to the elderly. They also carried out building and painting work, donated blood, and registered as bone marrow donors. The work of these volunteers, together with Wärtsilä´s donations and support, has led to huge improvements in those institutions receiving support. Local communities have greatly benefited as a result. Six of Wärtsilä's customers and several suppliers were our partners in the Doers Day activities.

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