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Proposal of the Board

The parent company's distributable funds total 901,099,082.48 euros, which includes 487,792,193.41 euros in net profit for the year. There are 98,620,565 shares with dividend rights.

The Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting that the company's distributable earnings be disposed of in the following way:

A dividend of EUR 1.75 per share be paid, making a total of 172 585 988.75
An extra dividend of EUR 1.00 per share be paid, making a total of 98 620 565.00
That the following sum be retained in shareholders’ equity 629 892 528.73
Totalling 901 099 082.48

No significant changes have taken place in the company's financial position since the end of the financial year. The company's liquidity is good and in the opinion of the Board of Directors the proposed dividend will not put the company's solvency at risk.

Helsinki, Finland, 27 January 2011


Antti Lagerroos Matti Vuoria
Maarit Aarni-Sirviö Kaj-Gustaf Bergh
Alexander Ehrnrooth Paul Ehrnrooth
Bertel Langenskiöld Mikael Lilius
Ole Johansson, President and CEO