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Businesses in brief

Ship Power

Wärtsilä enhances the business of its customers by providing integrated systems, solutions, and products that are efficient, economically sound, and environmentally sustainable for the marine industry. Being a technology leader in this field, and through the experience, know-how and dedication of our personnel, we are able to customise innovative, optimised lifecycle solutions to the benefit of our clients around the world.

Power Plants

Wärtsilä is a leading supplier of flexible power plants for the power generation markets. We offer truly competitive and reliable solutions for base load power generation, grid stability & peaking, industrial self-generation, as well as for the oil and gas industry. We provide superior value to our customers with our distributed, flexible, efficient and environmentally advanced energy solutions, which enable a global transition to a more sustainable and modern energy infrastructure.


Wärtsilä supports its customers throughout the lifecycle of their installations by optimising efficiency and performance. We provide the most comprehensive portfolio of services and the broadest service network in the industry for both the power plant and marine markets. We are committed to providing high quality, expert support as well as availability of services wherever our customers are - in the most environmentally sound way.