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Business Management Teams

Each business head is supported by a Business Management Team to consider issues, including the business's strategy and business operations.

Ship Power

Jaakko Eskola
Group Vice President, Ship Power
Born 1958, MSc (Eng.)

Lars Anderson
Vice President, Merchant
Born 1968, BSc (Mech. Eng.)

Arne Birkeland
Vice President and Head of Marine Lifecycle Solutions
Born 1966, MSc (Business)

Aaron Bresnahan
Vice President, Specials
Born 1969, MBA & MA (Strategic Studies)

Juhani Hupli
Vice President, Technology
Born 1966, MSc (Mech. Eng.)

Riku-Pekka Hägg
Vice President, Ship Design
Born 1975, Msc (Mech. Eng.)

Sinkka Ilveskoski
Director, Legal & Contract Management
Born 1967, Master of law

Timo Koponen
Vice President, Finance & Control
Born 1969, MSc (Econ.)

Magnus Miemois
Vice President, Offshore
Born 1970, MSc (Eng.)

Helena Räihälä
Director, Human Resources
Born 1973, MSc (Econ.)

Mikael Simelius
Vice President, Marketing
Born 1964, Msc (Econ.)

Power Plants

Vesa Riihimäki
Group Vice President, Power Plants
Born 1966, MSc (Eng.)

Tore Björkman
Vice President, Sales, Europe and Africa
Born 1957, BSc (Mech. Eng.)

Minna Blomqvist
Director, Human Resources
Born 1969, MSc (Eng.)

Frank Donnelly
Vice President, Sales, America
Born 1953, BSc (Math.)

Jussi Heikkinen
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
Born 1955, MSc (Energy and Power Plant Technology)

Thomas Hägglund
Vice President, Power Plant Technology
Born 1962, MSc (Eng.)

Antti Kämi
Vice President, Project Management
Born 1964, MSc (Civil Eng.)

Caj Malmsten
Vice President, Finance & Business Control
Born 1972, MSc (Econ.)

Markus Pietikäinen
Vice President, Group Treasury & Financial Services
Born 1975, MSc (Econ.)

Rakesh Sarin
Vice President, Sales, Middle East and Asia
Born 1955, BSc (Chemical Eng.)

Laura Susi-Gamba
Director, Legal Affairs
Born 1963, LL.M

Niklas Åberg
Director, Quality Management
Born 1967, MSc (Eng.)


Christoph Vitzthum
Group Vice President, Services
Born 1969, MSc (Econ.)

Pierpaolo Barbone
Vice President, Area Middle East & Asia
Born 1957, MSc (Min. Eng.)

Fred van Beers
Vice President, Area North Europe
Born 1962, Bachelor's degree,
Merchant Engineer & Bachelor degree, BtB Marketing

Arne Birkeland
Vice President, Marine Lifecycle Solutions
Born 1966, MSc (Business)

Stefan Fant
Vice President, Area South Europe & Africa
Born 1955, BSc (Mech.)

Tomas Hakala
Vice President, Area Americas
Born 1968, BSc (Mech.)

Roger Holm
Vice President, Solutions Management
Born 1972, MSc (Econ.)

Ralf Lindbäck
Director, Legal Affairs
Born 1958, LL.M

Stefan Nysjö
Vice President, Delivery Management
Born 1970, BSc (Mech.)

Eva-Stina Rönnholm
Vice President, Finance
Born 1967, MSc (Econ.)

Sini Spets
Director, Human Resources
Born 1974, MSc (Psychology)

Industrial Operations

Lars Hellberg
Group Vice President, Industrial Operations
Born 1959, BSc (Eng.)

Arjen Berends
Vice President, Business Control
Born 1968, MBA

Stefan Damlin
Vice President, Business Development Centre
Born 1968, MSc (Econ.)

Juha Kytölä
Vice President, Product Centre Ecotech
President of Wärtsilä Finland Oy
Born 1964, MSc (Eng.)

Arto Lehtinen
Vice President, Product Centre Propulsion
Born 1971, MSc (Eng.)

Sergio Razeto
Vice President, Product Centre 4-Stroke
President of Wärtsilä Italia S.p.A.
Born 1950, MSc (Eng.)

Trudy Schoolenberg
Vice President, Global R&D
Born 1958, PhD, Physics and Mechanics

Paolo Tonon
Vice President, Product Centre Automation
Born 1970, MSc (Eng.)

Martin Wernli
Vice President, Product Centre 2-stroke
President of Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd
Born 1960, JD Attorney at Law