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Other Management

Corporate Management

The company's Corporate Management includes, in addition to the Board of Management, the following directors responsible for corporate functions:

Yngve Bärgård
Vice President, Corporate Supply Management
Born 1958, BSc (Eng.)

Päivi Castrén
Vice President, Human Resources
Born 1958, MSc (Soc. Sc.)

Maj-Len Ek
Vice President, Group Control until 31.8.2010
Born 1948, BSc (Econ.)

Per Hansson
Vice President, Corporate Planning
Born 1967, MSc (Eng.)

Anu Hämäläinen
Vice President, Group Control as of 1.9.2010
Born 1965, MSc (Econ)

Osmo Härkönen
Vice President, Group Quality
Born 1949, M.Sc.C.E.

Johan Jägerroos
Vice President, Corporate Internal Audit
Born 1965, MSc (Econ.)

Esa Kivineva
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Born 1961, PhD (Eng.)

Markus Pietikäinen
Vice President, Group Treasury
Born 1975, MSc (Econ.)