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Board of Management CVs

Ole Johansson Raimo Lind Jaakko Eskola
Lars Hellberg Kari Hietanen Atte Palomäki
Vesa Riihimäki Christoph Vitzthum

Ole Johansson

President & CEO of Wärtsilä since 2000. Born 1951, BSc (Econ.).

Primary working experience:  Wärtsilä Group 1975-79 and rejoined in 1981. Wärtsilä Diesel Inc., Vice President 1984-86; Wärtsilä Diesel Group, Vice President & Controller 1986-94; Metra Corporation, Senior Vice President & CFO 1994-96; Metra Corporation, Executive Vice President & CFO 1996-98; Wärtsilä NSD Corporation, President & CEO 1998-2000.

Positions of trust: Outokumpu Oyj, Chairman of the Board; Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, Chairman of the Board; Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Deputy Chairman of the Board; Wärtsilä Corporation, Member of the Board; Technology Industries of Finland, Member of the Board; Member of the Board of the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA and the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA.

Raimo Lind

Executive Vice President and Deputy to the President since 2005. Group Vice President, CFO since 1998. Born 1953, MSc (Econ.).

Primary working experience: Wärtsilä Group, positions within control and finance and in development and internationalisation 1976-80; Wärtsilä Diesel Group, Vice President & Controller 1980-84; Wärtsilä Singapore, Managing Director & Area Director 1984-88; Wärtsilä Service Division, Deputy Vice President 1988-89; Scantrailer Ajoneuvoteollisuus Oy, President 1990-92; Tamrock Oy, CFO 1992-93; Tamrock Service Business, Vice President 1994-96; Tamrock Coal Business, Vice President 1996-97.

Positions of trust: Sato Oyj, Deputy Chairman of the Board; Elisa Oyj, Member of the Board.

Jaakko Eskola

Group Vice President, Ship Power since 2006. Born 1958, MSc (Eng.). Joined the company in 1998.

Primary working experience: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Researcher 1983-84; Industrialisation Fund of Finland, Corporate Analyst 1984-86; National Banking Group, various managerial positions in international project finance 1986-97; PCA Corporate Finance, Executive Director 1997-98; Wärtsilä Development & Financial Services Oy, President 1998-2005; Wärtsilä Corporation, Power Plants, Vice President, Sales & Marketing 2005-06.

Positions of trust: European Marine Equipment Council (EMEC), President.

Lars Hellberg

Group Vice President, Industrial Operations since 2004. Born 1959, BSc (Eng.). Joined the company in 2004.

Primary working experience: Volvo Cars AB, Research Engine Engineer and Project Manager in vehicle development programmes; Vice President, Industrial Operations; Vice President of Global Business & Volume Optimisation; General Manager in Volvo Car Operations BV 1979-2001; Saab Automotive AB, Executive Director for the Customer Satisfaction and Quality division and a Member of the Board of Management 2001-04.

Kari Hietanen

Group Vice President, Legal Affairs and HR, Company Secretary since 2002. Born 1963, LLM. Joined the company in 1989.

Primary working experience: Metra Corporation and Wärtsilä Diesel Group, Legal Counsel 1989-94; Wärtsilä Diesel Group, General Counsel 1994-99; Wärtsilä Power Divisions, Group General Counsel 2000-01.

Positions of trust: German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Atte Palomäki

Group Vice President, Communications & Branding since 2008. Born 1965, MSc (Pol.). Joined the company in 2008.

Primary working experience: MTV3, News anchor 1993-95; News producer 1995-2000; Senior economic correspondent 2000-02; Kauppalehti, Senior business correspondent 2002-05; Nordea Bank AB (publ.), Chief communication officer, Finland 2005-06; Group chief press officer 2007-08.

Positions of trust: Talentum Oyj, Member of the Board; Finnfacts, Member of the Board.

Vesa Riihimäki

Group Vice President, Wärtsilä Power Plants since 2009. Born 1966, MSc (Eng.). Joined the company in 1992.

Primary working experience: Wärtsilä Diesel Oy, Design Engineer, Projects 1992-1993; Chief Design Engineer, Projects 1993-1997; Wärtsilä NSD Finland Oy, Design Manager, Electrical Systems 1997-2000; Wärtsilä Finland Oy, Design Manager Power Generation Systems 2000-2002; General Manager, Electrical & Automation Systems 2002-2003, Vice President, Power Plant Technology 2004-2009.

Christoph Vitzthum

Group Vice President, Wärtsilä Services since 2009. Born 1969, M.Sc. (Econ.). Joined the company in 1995.

Primary working experience: Metra Finance, Foreign Exchange Dealer 1995-97; Wärtsilä NSD Corporation, Power Plants, Business Controller 1997-99; Wärtsilä Corporation, Ship Power, Vice President, Finance & Control 1999-2002; Wärtsilä Propulsion, President 2002-06; Group Vice President, Wärtsilä Power Plants 2006-2009.

Positions of trust: NCC AB, Member of the Board.