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Wärtsilä Ship Power
The leading provider of ship power solutions

Our strong position in all main marine segments is further strengthened by our highly rated ship machinery and systems. Our in-depth understanding of our customers' businesses, combined with our extensive network, broad product portfolio, and ability to be involved as early as in the design process, enables us to support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their installations.

Our customer structure is two-fold

Ship Power customers comprise both shipyards and ship owners, and their needs and demands differ significantly. The decision-making process of shipyard customers is typically affected by product prices, delivery times and reliability, project management, and ease of installations. Issues related directly to the ship building process can also be a factor. Ship owners, on the other hand, require reliability, operational efficiency and support, as well as the availability of services. Decision-making is further impacted by freight rates, interest rates, and the cost of the ship.

We are committed to meeting the needs and demands of both customer groups, which we achieve through our in-depth understanding of their businesses and requirements. As a result, we are able to offer solutions that best further their business interests.

Our offering covers all main customer segments

  • Merchant - includes all vessels for seaborne transportation, such as container vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, LNG carriers, RoRo and other cargo vessels.
  • Offshore - includes vessels and platforms used in oil and gas exploration and production, as well as their support activities; drilling rigs and ships, anchor handling vessels, offshore research vessels, floating production units, platform supply vessels, etc.
  • Cruise & Ferry - includes cruise vessels, passenger ferries, passenger/cargo ferries, fast ferries, and yachts.
  • Navy - includes various kinds of naval vessels and submarines.
  • Special vessels - includes a broad range of different vessels, the main categories being tugboats, fishing vessels, dredgers, and inland navigation and special service vessels.

Ship Design is critical to early lifecycle entry

Our ship design capabilities enable us to offer our customer optimised, highly efficient solutions that create growth opportunities in lifecycle services. By combining our ship power solutions and ship design knowledge, we are able to create increased value for our customers. By participating in the planning and designing phase, we are able to better understand customer needs and thereby establish a stronger competitive position.

We have the most extensive product portfolio in the industry

Wärtsilä's integrated ship power solutions are efficient, economically sound, and environmentally sustainable. Our design capabilities, long heritage, and technological leadership form the basis of our reputation. Our offering is the broadest in the industry:

  • Medium-speed diesel and gas engines
  • Low-speed engines
  • Propulsors, propulsion packages
  • Seals and bearings
  • Automation systems
  • Integrated solutions
  • Ship design
  • New optimised vessel concepts and other solutions

Together with our in-house experience and expertise, this extensive product offering enables us to interface throughout all lifecycle stages. Our ability to combine the products we offer into larger systems and solutions supports our strategy of being the sole ship power supplier to our customers. This strategy provides added value to both of our customer groups despite their differing priorities. Shipyard customers can focus on their areas of expertise and benefit from a lesser risk of product interface problems, while ship owners can rely on benefits related to operations and maintenance.