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Case: Dynamic Maintenance Planning

Ships powered by Wärtsilä engines sail the oceans of the world. Servicing these vessels is, therefore, a challenge that requires careful planning. How then can this be accomplished efficiently and cost-effectively?

Wärtsilä's new service concept, Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMP), enables us, in co-operation with the customer, to proactively determine the maintenance needs of a ship, and plan the service activities accordingly.

DMP contracts create predictability, which in turn reduces non-operational periods and provides customers with cost benefits. For Wärtsilä, this predictability means that we can easily ensure that our service professionals are available locally, whenever and wherever their support is required. A key element of DMP is the regular inspection and supervision of our equipment. Real time information from the shipboard system is transmitted on a 24/7 basis to Wärtsilä service professionals based in various locations around the world.

In August, Wärtsilä signed a long term service agreement with Eidesvik Offshore for the supply of maintenance services for the seismic vessel "Oceanic Vega". This contract, and other similar ones, represent an encouraging introduction of the DMP service concept, and is another example of Wärtsilä's glocal activities.