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Wärtsilä Power Plants 
A leading supplier of flexible power plants

Wärtsilä Power Plants provide superior value to its customers by offering decentralised, flexible, efficient and environmentally advanced energy solutions. Wärtsilä's technology enables a global transition to a more sustainable and modern energy infrastructure. Our solutions are modular, tried and tested power plants.

Our energy solutions offer a unique combination of:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Operational flexibility

We offer our customers competitive and reliable solutions that deliver high efficiency. Our power plants engines can run on liquid fuels, a wide range of gases and renewable fuels. Most of our products have multi-fuel capabilities and all can be converted from one fuel to another. Furthermore, the operational flexibility of our products enables high system efficiency, flexibility in operations with varying loads, low water consumption, as well as the possibility to carry out construction in phases according to the customer's needs. These key features, combined with the full lifecycle support we offer, create the basis for Wärtsilä's strong position within the Power Plants market.

With gas strengthening its potential to be the fuel of the future, our focus is on developing competitive solutions for the gas market. This focus supports our growth ambitions and enables a stronger presence in the broader markets.

Our business is divided into four customer segments

Flexible baseload

Wärtsilä supplies flexible baseload power plants mainly to developing markets, islands, and remote locations. Energy consumption growth in these markets is driving a steadily increasing demand for new power generation solutions. Wärtsilä's customers in this segment are mainly Utilities and Independent Power Producers (IPP). Customer needs typically include competitive lifecycle costs, reliability, world-class product quality and fuel and operational flexibility, as well as operations & management services. Wärtsilä is in a strong position to cater to these needs. Flexible baseload power plants are run on both liquid fuels and gas.

Grid stability and peaking

Wärtsilä's grid stabilising power plants enable the growth of energy solutions based on wind, solar and hydro power. We offer dynamic solutions used for systems support, reserve power, peaking needs, and in regions with rapidly growing wind power capacity. Customers in this segment are mainly Utilities and IPP's. The strengths of Wärtsilä's products include rapid start and ramp up to full speed, the ability to operate at varying loads, competitive electricity generation and capacity costs, as well as 24/7 service. Grid stability and peaking plants are mainly fuelled by gas.

Industrial self-generation

Wärtsilä provides power plant solutions to industrial manufacturers of goods in industries such as cement production, mining, and textiles. Customers are mainly private companies and reliability, reduced energy costs, and independence from the grid are among the key factors in their decision making. Power plants in this segment are run on either gas or liquid fuel, depending on fuel availability.

Solutions for the oil & gas industry

Wärtsilä provides engines for mechanical drive, gas compression stations, and for field power and pumping stations to the oil and gas industry. Typical customer needs include maximum running time, reliability, long-term engineering support and 24/7 service. The solutions we offer run on natural gas, associated gas and crude oil.